The Role of the Independent Medical Examiner

1:00 – 1:50 pm

Grand Ballrooms 4 – 6
Convention Level

In many jurisdictions, an adjudicator may be called upon to appoint, or just consider the report of, an Independent Medical Examiner (IME). IME’s may assist the finder of fact in assessing diagnosis, causation, need for temporary or permanent work restrictions, and permanent impairment. Dr. Auerbach and Judge Haley will address the role of the IME in workers’ compensation adjudications. Dr. Auerbach will also comment on the role of “evidence-based medicine” in the context of an IME.

Marjorie Eskay-Auerbach, MD, JD
Tucson, AZ

Honorable LuAnn Haley
Industrial Commission
Tucson, AZ


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