Mental Disease and Its Effects on Workers’ Compensation Injuries and Treatment

1:00 – 2:00 pm

Grand Ballrooms 4 – 6
Convention Level

This program will overview the challenges of recovery and functional rehabilitation in conjunction with the undeniable emotional and psychological individuality of injured workers. Perceptions, motivations, and success may be highly dependent upon an understanding of the workplace injury and impediments. Once there is a grasp of the physiological probabilities, personal progress may depend extensively on the injured worker’s understanding of expectations, commitment, and the contributions of the team that surrounds, supports, and facilitates them. State of mental and emotional well-being is critical to the success of the restorative and rehabilitative process. The conjunction of providers, payers, and injured workers with a focus on goal-oriented progress and restoration considers the whole person and the maximization of function.

Dr. Les Kertay
Axiom Medical, LLC
Chattanooga, TN

Nancy Kelly
Averitt Express
Cookeville, TN


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