Science of Cannabis: New Implications for Workers’ Compensation

1:00 – 2:00 pm

Grand Ballroom 8A
Convention Level

Inappropriate polypharmacy involving cannabis has created ethical, clinical, financial, legal, and claims problems since the 1990’s. Even now the question of whether cannabis is medicine is still debated, with many in healthcare, risk management, and claims still believing too little science and too few studies validate the broad claims. However, anecdotal “real world” validation of efficacy is widespread: in the U.S. some 91% believe medical cannabis should be legalized. The U.S. market was $8.9 billion in 2021, so, regardless of opinions, it is heavily used. What to do? Our widely renown panelists present and interpret the very latest science pointing to cannabis use as an effective treatment tool. They also share a readily implementable roadmap for all system stakeholders to enable enlightened decision making and responsible implementation of this substantial and newly validated treatment modality.

Ronald Mazariegos
Claim Executive and Vendor Management
Arrowpoint Capital
Charlotte, NC

Mark Pew
The RXProfessor, LLC
Atlanta, GA

Nova Cobble, BS, MAT, MS
Medical Cannabis Patient Educator
Adjunct Instructor, University of Maryland, Baltimore, Medical Cannabis Science & Therapeutics program
Adjunct Instructor, Saint Louis University, Cannabis program
Palm Bay, FL

Leah Johnson, PharmD, RPh
Medical Cannabis Pharmacist
Alchemist Consulting LLC
San Jose, CA


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