Legal Analysis of Issues Surrounding Presumption Claims

11:00 – 12:00 pm

Crystal Ballroom J1
Convention Level

Panelists will discuss many of the major cases that have been decided in the last year by the appellate courts as they affect presumption law workers’ compensation matters. Specific presumptions, and the cases interpreting these statutes will be discussed to include many new decisions on cardiac, PTSD, and cancer claims. An analysis of the trends of the court and the law is also given, with emphasis on the practical application of the case law to the handling of a workers’ compensation claim. Summaries of cases discussed will be available to attendees.

Geoff Bichler, Attorney
Bichler and Longo, PLLC
Orlando, FL

Kristine Callagy, Attorney
Bichler & Longo, PLLC
Orlando, FL

William Juliachs, Attorney
City of Miami, Office of the City Attorney
Miami, FL

George Helm, Attorney
Bolton Helm and Augustine, LLP
Orlando, FL


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