Evidence Based Claims Criteria: Methods for Objectively Addressing Causation Issues and Promote Objective Decision-Making

2:00 – 3:00 pm

Grand Ballroom 8A
Convention Level

We know where “Evidence Based Medicine” (EBM) has been: but where is it going? In many jurisdictions EBM has now become an integral part of the law, with some states having specific references and some a more elastic standard. In others, the standard is alluded to generically, if at all. As a result, often based on myths and other disinformation, adjusters, judges, attorneys and even patients can, deliberately or unknowingly, negate the benefits of research and science that establish evidence-based causation beyond a reasonable doubt. There is now a wide body of well validated information and anecdotal evidence on how and why science and law don’t always coexist peacefully in courtrooms, and how to combat these tendencies in concrete terms, often toward the goal of avoiding courtrooms altogether.

Our panelists provide that concrete yet practical insight into what is “EBM” and how current system pitfalls tend to undermine it in “real-world medicine.” You have a role in bolstering use and application of EBM in the face of opportunistic flanking movements. Learn the very latest on how to help foster EBM toward more prompt and efficacious recoveries; proper benefit expenditures, and reduced frictional waste.

Jeff Napolitano
Juge Napolitano
Metairie, LA

Barry Bloom
Managing Principal
The bdb Group
San Carlos, CA

Teresa Bartlett, MD
Sr. VP, Medical Quality
Sedgwick CMS
Memphis, TN


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