A special NWCR Two-Part Presentation: LATE-NIGHT!…WITH WORKERS’ COMP?? (Part 2)

2:00 – 3:00 pm

Grand Ballroom 8A
Convention Level

Nine to five? Nine to ten? Or: all day, and all of the night! Like a dog that follows you home and begs in the kitchen, comp isn’t waiting around the workplace for an accident anymore. Workers’ compensation is being invoked in new and unfamiliar settings and in consequence, there are new problems: work and workplaces; examining rooms; — even claims departments — all have entered unfamiliar, even unprecedented territory. But is it now 24-hour exposure, with treatment by laptop? Our renown presenters guide, relate, interpret, and chart the metamorphoses under broadly interrelated topics in two daily sessions with a different team each day. Stakeholders take heed!

Sampler of Tuesday’s Session:
• Difficult long haul COVID-19 cases; different state answers.
• Ready now for mushroom medicine?
• Sky-high air ambulance costs — but also: need?
• AI’s unique new applications, post pandemic.
• Your RTW strategies!
• Work contribution to personal risks of harm: a reexamination.
• New, different mental health challenges; physician shortages, disappearing leadership: a post-pandemic odyssey.

H. George Kagan, Attorney
H. George Kagan, PA
Gulf Stream, FL

David W. Langham
Deputy Chief Judge of Compensation Claims
Office of the Judges of Compensation Claims
Pensacola, FL

Deborah Watkins
Care Bridge International
Sarasota, FL

Suzy Braden
Director Workers’ Compensation Claims
Encompass Health Corporation
Birmingham, AL

Steven M. Tipton, Attorney
Flahive Ogden and Latson
Austin, TX


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