Ergonomic Risks? Try A I-Assisted Technology

3:00 – 4:00 pm

Magnolia Ballrooms 10 & 11
Convention Level

$14 billion a year – that’s how much overexertion injuries from manual material handling are costing employers. Traditional risk assessment tools can take hours to collect data and analyze risk, but new AI-assisted technology has led to a resurgence in ergonomic task assessments. In this session you will learn how the Liberty Mutual ErgoValuatorTM quickly identifies risk factors to deliver accurate risk assessments in the palm of your hand. See real-world examples of how organizations like yours have used the ErgoValuator to help keep workers safe, leading to a decline in workplace injuries, fewer workers’ compensation claims, and higher productivity with lower turnover.

Craig Karasack, CSP, ARM
Product Director of Ergonomics and Manufacturing
Liberty Mutual Insurance
Hutchinson Island, FL


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