Claims Handling and Risk Management related to Presumption Claims

2:15 – 3:15 pm

Crystal Ballroom J1
Convention Level

With the advent of these special claims for benefits resulting in the potential for increased costs, traditional ways of dealing with existing and potential claims for workers’ compensation benefits has changed and continues to evolve. This session deals with how to handle claims for conditions that are presumptively job related. What is the best approach to managing a presumption claim once it is made? How can stakeholders best deal with the challenges of litigation related to these complicated cases? Are there actions that can be done proactively before a medical condition develops that could result in a presumption claim? This panel will discuss the handling of these unique claims. Even when a presumption claim may not be compensable, for any number of reasons, there are situations where such non-compensable conditions can effect how proved conditions related to an accident are dealt with.

Steve Coonrod, Attorney
McConnaughhay, Coonrod, Pope, Weaver & Stern, PA
Tallahassee, FL

Gregory J. McKenna
National Practice Leader
Public Sector
Gallagher Bassett
Rolling Meadows, IL

Rosa M. Royo
Director of Workers’ Compensation and Loss Prevention
Miami-Dade County Public Schools
Miami, FL

Dana Winkler
Division of Risk Management
Workers’ Compensation Claims
Tallahassee, FL


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