Allaying the MSA Fear at Time of Settlement

10:15 – 11:15 am

Crystal Ballroom G1
Convention Level



One word – MSA – often causes employers and injured workers to run away from settlement. As a result, workers’ compensation claims stay open unnecessarily, creating future exposure for an employer and leaving the injured worker without needed settlement dollars. The MSA fear is two-fold. Employers anticipate that the MSA cost will be too high, and injured workers worry about possibly depleting their medical funds or not administering the MSA properly.

A panel of experts in MSP compliance at the time of settlement will discuss these challenges and solutions. They will offer a straightforward approach to settlements with MSAs that provide for an intervention-driven approach to the development of the MSA allocation, supportive professional administration to protect MSA dollars and support the injured worker post-settlement, along with a structured settlement to extend dollars over the life of the claimant. This presentation features real case studies showing how this approach clears the path to settlement and case closure.

Michael Stack
CEO Amaxx/
Kennebunkport, ME

Kris Sallee
Claims Manager-Eastern Region
American Airlines
Fort Worth, TX

Daniel Anders
Chief Compliance Officer
Tower MSA Partners
Del Ray Beach, FL

Marques Torbert
Chief Executive Officer
Burlington, MA

Joe Bornstein
Structured Settlement Consultant
Arcadia Settlements Group
Highland Village, TX


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