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August 19 & 20, 2020
Orlando World Center Marriott
8701 World Center Drive, Orlando, Florida

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Keynote Speaker – U.S. Senator Marco Rubio

Senator Rubio will present a compelling overview of the national risks associated with cyber breaches from other nation states. As Chair of the U.S. Senate Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship and Committee member of the Foreign Relations Committee and the Committee on Commerce Science and Transportation, he is in a unique position to understand and explain security risks that need to be closely overseen.

Featuring – Katherine “Katie” Arrington

As the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) to the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Ms. Arrington is leading efforts that will help to ensure a robust Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM), establish defense industrial base security and resilience, and create a common basis in cybersecurity standards. The Department of Defense is in the process of implementing the new Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) standards and Ms. Arrington will give attendees an update on the timelines, the certification process, and the impact to industry.

Cybersecurity National/International Concerns: The Threat To You, Your Company and The Economy

This one and a half day series of breakout sessions provides a comprehensive look at the increased emphasis on cybersecurity in response to numerous reported cyber breaches that are occurring in our nation. Beginning first with the “basics” of cybersecurity, the presenters in these series of breakout sessions will define cybersecurity, the importance of being concerned about protecting data both from an individual and corporate basis, who are the “bad guys” and how to recognize when a breach is occurring or has occurred. A simulated breach will be demonstrated. The prevention of cyber breaches and negative consequences will also be discussed.

Understanding the need for cybersecurity on a national and international level is best explained by Senator Marco Rubio in his keynote address during the lunch session. In his position in the U.S. Senate, Senator Rubio is fully aware of the extremely important need for a robust cybersecurity emphasis for national and international security/defense reasons. His presentation will be followed by representatives of leading industries concerned with major initiatives to prevent any cyber breach and the dramatic consequences on the total infrastructure of the nation, i.e., a breach that could close all ports in America, dismantle energy sources, hinder or stop communications, prevent coordination of military protections or otherwise disrupt the basic economy of our nation – situations that are akin to what the American public has experienced recently.

The final day of the conference will discuss the new federally mandated Cybersecurity Program (CMMC) set to become effective in 2020. This discussion will be brought to attendees by the authors and consultants of the standards themselves. Katherine “Katie” Arrington (invited), CISO to the Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, will explain the overall intent of the new standards and will lead the national effort to ensure compliance by a broad base of industry defined as those companies that are a part of the “supply chain” in the defense industry. Whether your company is a company contracting directly with the Department of Defense as a prime contractor or a subcontractor, or vendor providing services or products to the prime contractor or a subcontractors, regardless of size, your company will now have to be audited and certified as compliant with these new standards. Specifically designed to be cost-effective and affordable for small businesses, these new CMMC Standards will be described in detail with timeliness for compliance by members of the commission that actually drafted the standards. Without compliance with these new standards, companies will soon realize that they are precluded from providing services and products that possibly were a mainstay in their profitability in the past. Awareness of the applicability of these new standards and need for compliance will be an essential requirement for those affected companies.

Who Should Attend?

Whether you are seeking a “best practices” approach to providing cybersecurity or will be required to meet the new federally mandated standards, this series of educational offerings provide an ever-changing model for responding to real cybersecurity risks that seemingly involve all aspects of our society. Regardless of your profession (risk managers, safety professionals, HR professionals, company managers, IT specialists, attorneys, etc.) or whether you represent individuals or provide services or are a vendor for public or private corporate interests, this seminar will be of significant value to you. Cybersecurity has become a major part of any Risk Management program. It is not for the sole concern of a company’s IT department; rather, it is “everyone’s problem” within the business and needs everyone’s attention. For those seeking updated technical information on the new defense “supply chain” mandatory cybersecurity requirements, professionals responsible for their development and use by industry will be presented.


  • The Evolving Cyber Risk Landscape
  • Cybersecurity: The Basics
  • Your Data is Everywhere! What Does That Mean and What Can You Do About It?
  • Cybersecurity as a Risk Management Tool
  • The Legal and Financial Risks of Cyber Breaches
  • Establishing a Certified Cybersecurity Program
  • In-depth presentations on new CMMC cybersecurity standards for defense supply chain companies