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WCI Briefs: 4.17.15

To save you time, here’s a sampling of workers' compensation and insurance news from around the country, each in 350 words or less.

Jeans Maker Charged in Multi-Million Dollar Workers' Compensation Fraud

The 18 felony counts of workers' compensation insurance fraud total more than $11 million in losses.

Using Smartphones While Driving Is not Smart

A momentary distraction, such as checking your smartphone, impedes hazard anticipation and possibly increases the risk of a crash.

$1.5 Million in Unapproved Drug Products Seized in Miami

Stratus Pharmaceuticals marketed and distributed the drug products, which were manufactured by Sonar Products of N.J.

Workers' Compensation Fraudster Caught Skydiving

The sky was the limit for one workers’ compensation claimant in California.

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