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CMS Recovery Practice Ruled Improper under the MSP

Court ruled that the CMS practice of seeking full reimbursement of a medical provider’s single charge was improper.

Medicare Advantage Organization Allowed to Sue Law Firm and Lawyer Over Conditional Payments

Federal Court has ruled a MAO is permitted to sue a law firm or lawyer for the failure to reimburse conditional medical expenses.

Health Wonk Review: The “Words Matter” Edition

As the torch is being passed from one president to new one, one of the key platforms that PEOTUS ran on was eliminating Obamacare.

MSA Optimism for the New Year Intelligence System

CMS announced it will be reconsidering a new policy in 2017 regarding re-reviews of otherwise approved WCMSA Arrangement amounts.

Think About it: Addressing Mental Health in the Workplace

A discussion on a topic which needs much more attention: stigma and social prejudice toward employees with mental health challenges.

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