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All we ask ... was enough ... soil in which to bury our gallant dead: Gen. Mark W. Clark

WCEC Session Preview: Strange Claims Scenarios of the PEO Industry

Things aren’t always pretty in claim handling—sometimes they are just downright bizarre and confusing.

WCI Briefs: 5.22.15

To save you time, here’s a sampling of workers' compensation and insurance news from around the country, each in 300 words or less.

Connecticut Senate Votes to Expand Workers' Compensation for Cops, Firefighters

The bill now goes to the House, where some leaders are not happy.

Washington State: Teens Twice as Likely as Adults to be Hurt on the Job

A total of 547 youth age 17 and under were injured in the workplace in 2014, up nearly 14.7 percent from the year before.

The Endless Search for Pain Relief

Today, we pop a plain white, or pink, or purple or multi-colored pill to help us deal with our pain. We were much more creative years ago.

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