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CWCI: Payments for Pharmaceuticals and DMEs Rise Sharply

Payments for pharmaceuticals and durable medical equipment have increased more than threefold over the past seven years in California.

WCI Briefs: 11.21.14

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Medical Marijuana Patient Sues, Says Firm Won't Hire Her

A graduate student has sued a R.I. textile company for refusing to hire her for a two-month internship because she uses medical marijuana.

Soaring Generic Drug Prices Draw Scrutiny

Lack of competition has sent some prices soaring. Anafranil used to sell for 22 cents a pill. The price has jumped to more than $8 a pill.

California Construction Company Cited in Workers' Deaths

Cal/OSHA cites Disney Construction for worker fatalities. Faulty equipment, untrained staff caused two deaths at a job site.

Opponents of NFL's Brain-Injury Settlement Call Foul

If approved by the judge, the NFL's $1 billion settlement would provide up to $5 million per player, depending on a variety of factors.

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