2022 GKTW Registration Details

Registration for the WCI 2022 Give Kids The World Service Day is officially open! Please read this ENTIRE section before registering.

Opportunities to volunteer at the Village are back! We invite you to participate in the WCI 2022 GKTW Service Day on Saturday morning before the WCI 2022 Conference begins – August 20, 2022 from 7 am to noon. Indoor and outdoor volunteer opportunities are back. Whether you prefer to volunteer at the Marriott or travel out to the village, we are extremely excited to bring this opportunity back to the WCI community.

The registration process will allow you the option to view details about each service project and pick which project you would like to participate in. It will also allow companies, friends, and families to participate in the same service projects with each other. Teams and groups will need to review the list of service projects and agree, ahead of time, which projects they want to work on together and then sign up accordingly.

Volunteer positions are on a first come, first served basis. We will be regularly updating the service project chart to reflect the most accurate number of open volunteer positions. If your desired service project is already full when you register, we will reach out to you to make alternate arrangements.

WCI or GKTW do not provide T-Shirts for the service day. Certain companies have internally decided to provide their employees with specific shirts for the day of the event. We included a question regarding shirt size on the registration form so that we can provide these companies with this information should they want it.

If you fill out the form multiple times for friends or family members, please put the names of the actual registrants (not duplicates of your name) so we can get an accurate count of the volunteers. Thank you for being a part of this amazing day!

Project Options

Project availability numbers will be updated regularly and full projects will be removed.

OUTDOOR PROJECTS (350 people total)
8:30 – 11:00
Ages: 16+ for Fence and Power Wash. All ages are welcome for other projects.

  • Fence – 23 people to water seal the new wood fence around Amberville pond
  • Rake – 75 people to rake Village wide grass
  • Sand – 23 people to sand the Avenue
  • Beautification – 70 people to do Village Beautification
  • Paint – 34 people to paint the outside wall


We are offering “Village Corporate Projects” for our volunteers who wish to participate and remain indoors in an air conditioned room. This may be the ideal volunteer position for those with younger children or others who do not wish to be outside in the Florida heat, in August, but still have a desire to contribute to the GKTW Service Day. These volunteer positions at the Village are limited, but we are offering an overflow option at the Marriott as well so that we may accommodate everyone wishing to participate.


  • In Hoppening Place completing Corporate Group Projects

MARRIOTT CORPORATE PROJECTS (244 people at Marriott)

  • In Marriott completing Corporate Group Projects