Workplace New Year’s Resolutions More Customer Centric for 2020

Chriss Swaney

Sarasota, FL ( – Many savvy businesses are replacing the traditional workplace New Year’s resolutions of getting healthier and making more money with a drive to make consumers happier in 2020. The advice from business experts could bode well for organizations in the workers’ compensation space.

Sara Hargreaves, owner of Scribe Fine Papers, is asking her customers what they want to see in her eclectic shop in the upscale Shady Side neighborhood of Pittsburgh, Pa.

“We want to be customer centric this year, and provide just what our clients want and need,” said Hargreaves, who knows all of her regulars by their first name.

Even in the Google age where we have a wealth of information at our fingertips, Hargreaves is one of the 2020 business leaders who does not underestimate the power of good, old-fashioned brain-power memory. Being able to quickly recall important facts and figures when helping customers and network like a social butterfly, all show how a powerful memory can boost a business’s bottom line.

Hargreaves also continues to pledge 5-star customer service as a New Year’s resolution. Providing outstanding customer service is essential to any successful business. While the customer service may be great, it’s important that you continue to work on ways to improve so that you can keep customers happy for years. After all, investing in new customers is between 5 and 25 times more expensive than retaining existing ones, according to the Harvard Business Review.

Most customers have come to expect 24/7 customer service in recent years. Because of this, retail experts say many businesses have implemented chatbots on their websites to answer customer questions.

Robert Strauss, a professor of economics and public policy at Carnegie Mellon University’s Heinz College said as “we look not only to a new year, but a new decade and a potentially different economic cycle, business owners must learn more about the macroeconomic labor trends, what their customers want and even the hint of a possible recession in the new year.”

“As the workforce landscape keeps evolving, business leaders must learn to quickly adapt to change and new opportunities for their products and the ever expanding global customer base,” said Strauss.

At Local Pet in Pittsburgh’s Point Breeze neighborhood, workers have pledged to work smarter rather than longer hours.

And human resource professionals nationwide report that the most successful workplace new year’s resolutions sport these three essential ingredients:


Determine what time of day you are most productive. Some people are morning people; others become more productive as the day wears one. Try to do the most complicated or difficult tasks then during the most productive times.


Technology tools can enhance time management or they can themselves be time wasters, especially if they are complicated, elaborate and could become an additional item on your to do list. Also, remember that technology is not always available and sometimes fails.


Always have a note pad available to write down spontaneous ideas. And, the old fashioned pen and paper method will do nicely.

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