Who Will Win This Year’s Theme Contest?

Workers’ Compensation Institute

WCI’s exhibitors went “all in” with last year’s movie theme in the exhibit hall. Many exhibitors decorated their booths, dressed up and gave out movie-themed goodies. MTI America’s team dressed up for their impressive Casino Royale booth. Select Physical Therapy handed out light sabers and posed for pictures with attendees dressed up as the whole gang from Star Wars. ProCare won their category with The Great Gatsby. The ProCare team, not only dressed up, but painted themselves on Monday to fit the black and white theme of their booth. Tenet Healthcare had the real DeLorean from Back to the Future and attendees got to sit on the bench and have a conversation/picture with Forrest Gump. Cathy Bowman, WCI Exhibit Hall Manager expressed, “Each year gets better and better, but also harder and harder to select the winners. I’ve been blown away by all the creativity. Seeing the exhibitors pour their hearts into decorating and dressing up is the best! It makes it fun for everyone.”

This year the exhibitors have the challenge of a “cosmic” theme based on the B52’s popular album Cosmic Thing. “I’m starting to see a lot of cool space ads coming in; some really clever,” Cathy Bowman added. WCI has purchased planetary bouquets to give everyone who places in the winner’s circle this year. Be sure to visit WCI’s COSMIC exhibit hall and let us know who you think has the best themed booth!

2017 Winners for the Movie Theme

Large Company Category

1st Place – MTI America – Casino Royale

2nd Place – Select Physical Therapy – Star Wars

3rd Place – Tenet Healthcare – Back to the Future

Smaller Company Category

1st Place – ProCare, Inc. – The Great Gatsby

2nd Pace – T-Rex Rehab – Jurassic Park

3rd Place – Rosomoff Comprehensive Rehabilitation Center – Indiana Jones

Honorable Mentions

NeuroInternational — Marshall Investigative Group — Cavalier Medical Management — Woodall & Broome Investigave Group — ConservCare — VCFJ Law — HealthSouth