WCI 2020 Planning Survey Winner and Highlights

Julie Fetherman

Thank you to everyone who completed the WCI 2020 Planning Survey in December. With close to 500 responses, it was a helpful exercise to help us gain insight on how we can continue to make WCI the best conference for our attendees, exhibitors and sponsors. Congratulations to Cheryl Pfeil, with Southeast Milk, for winning the full conference registration!

Some highlights from the responses include:

  • 93% responded they felt their primary objectives for attending WCI were met and the event location (city/hotel/convenience) was suitable to their needs.
  • While 73% of you utilized the Program Book to navigate your conference experience, 73% also said they would use a smart phone app if available. 42% said they used the WCI provided mobile optimized web link through their phone.
  • Almost 75% of the exhibitors/sponsors found value in the networking opportunities provided and felt the attendees were the right level of decision makers to market their product or service.
  • 86% of respondent shared they felt the program content and speakers were educational and engaging in delivery.
  • 14% of respondents who have not yet participated in the GKTW Service Day and Gala, plan to in 2020
  • The top five attendee types to respond to the survey were: Risk Managers, Judges/Attorneys, Service Providers, Insurance Executives, and Claims adjusters.

WCI will continue to solicit feedback to improve, and plans to release a survey immediately following the conference in August. In the meantime, please email Julie.fetherman@wci360.com with comments or suggestions on how we can improve your conference goals and experience!