WCI 2018: Why ‘People, Places and Things’ Matter to Work Comp

Dara Barney

Orlando, FL (WorkersCompensation.com) – Kimberly George, SVP Corporate Development, M&A and Healthcare at Sedgwick; and Mark Walls, VP Communications & Strategic Analysis Safety National, took to the stage on Monday to discuss “People, Places and Things: The Future of Workers’ Compensation” with a panel of four experts.

When asked about training, and the responsibilities that come with it, Wesley Hyatt, SVP & Manager Workers’ Compensation Commercial Insurance at Liberty Mutual emphasized not only the importance of training, but the need to understand what makes employees tick on both positive and negative levels.

She talked about an Albert Einstein quote, about how if you can’t explain it simply, maybe YOU don’t understand it well enough. “…People closest to the work know what obstacles get in the way,” she said. Liberty Mutual is working to formalize opinion collection (on all levels), and collaborate with customers to eliminate those sometimes misunderstood obstacles.

Chris Watson, COO of One Call, touched on three important words: Transparency, speed and empathy.

Walls commented to WorkersCompensation.com post-session: “…The biggest issue for the industry is talent attraction and retention. I felt the conversation around the role that both the physical office space and use of technology play in this was very timely and engaging. These elements can either help or hinder talent attraction and retention.”