TX: Former TDI Work Comp Commissioner Passes Baton to Previous Gov. Policy Advisor

Dara Barney

Austin, TX (WorkersCompensation.com) – At just 37 years old, Ryan Brannan has reached new heights on the career ladder, both in the work comp and insurance industries.

The month of May marked his last few days as Commissioner of the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI)’s Division of Workers’ Compensation, and previous governor policy advisor Cassie Brown was recently appointed as his successor, according to Insurance Journal. In light of these developments, WorkersCompensation.com took some time to talk past, present and future with Brannan.

With a background as an aide to previous Gov. Rick Perry in policy issues for insurance-related matters, Brannan was reappointed twice after his original appointment to Commissioner. Although his knowledge extended across insurance borders, he hit the ground running internally and externally for TDI and work comp in the Lonestar State.

“I got everyone together when I first started, and we formulated roughly 30 ideas we wanted to accomplish through the rulemaking process, legislature, public sector, etc. Most of those things were completed, and the comradery actually helped inspire me to open my own legal practice. It seemed like a good time for me to step back and give someone else the reins (at the Commission),” he said.

It all didn’t come easy though. “It was hard at first coming in as the new guy who was ready to challenge the staff. But we were able to overcome that cultural challenge, and streamline systems that involve teamwork and player productivity,” Brannan said. “A game isn’t a game with no players.”

That being said, Brannan stepped up to the plate to play a related sport and open up shop as the founder of The Brannan Firm.

“Not all commissioners stick around in the industry after they retire as regulators. I think I offer a fresh perspective that isn’t widely available. I’ve got my feet on both sides: I know the legislative and the administrative aspects in insurance and work comp… from both a private and public sector perspective,” he said.

And what exactly is The Brannan Firm about? In a few words, the former Commissioner offered two descriptors: “Your uniquely positioned partner for results,” and “A driven, results-oriented” law firm ready to aide potential clients in the insurance and work comp worlds.

Looking to the future, Brannan is excited about family time and scheduling changes. “I am ready for more flexibility, and seeing more of my two-year-old and four-year-old.”

Although his namesakes are too young to join his firm lineup, Brannan has set the stadium for new sights and possibly a few home runs.