Workplace Safety – Cyber Security: Why for Workers’ Compensation and Why Now?

This program is a follow-up to the Conference Program last year concerning the increased need for Cyber Security in the workers’ compensation world. One of the unique aspects of workers’ compensation is the need to gather increased amounts of information from many sources in order to properly administer all aspects of what has become a very regulated industry. Whether it is paying claims, obtaining privileged medical records, obtain- ing financial records of insureds for underwriting purposes and premium calculations, or safety records of individual company experiences, a huge amount of information is being electronically accumulated, not intended for public dissemination, which must be protected at all costs. This duty of protection has been expanded to doctors and hospitals providing treatment to injured workers, attorneys representing insurance companies in defense of workers’ compensation claims, and to individual corporate officers where breaches occur. These sessions on Cyber Security are intended to help educate all stakeholders in the workers’ compensation system on good Cyber Security hygiene and the consequences that can result from not being diligent in protecting confidential information.

Introduction of Sessions and Speakers:
Bill Bridges
National Sales Director
GoldSky Cyber Security
Orlando, FL