To Be or Not To Be

By Ferman Fernandez

“First thing we do let’s kill all the lawyers.”—Henry VI, Part II, Act IV Scene 2. When Dick the Butcher spoke this immortal line from Shakespeare’s play, he was conspiring with Jack Cade. Cade was a rabble leader who wanted to overthrow the status quo. The quote is often misapplied and cited among lawyer bashers who seek to disparage the profession and perhaps at times with good reason.

But Dick the Butcher recognized as we all do how lawyers are at the vanguard of our governmental, political and financial institutions, charged with preserving the very foundations of a civilized society and safeguarding its resources.

Children are our foundation, future and our most precious resource.

Several years ago, some colleagues at our firm, Quintairos, Prieto, Wood and Boyer, P.A. proposed a community initiative, “Random Acts of Kindness,” to provide aid and comfort to some of the most underserved among us. It became an annual undertaking with the re-service of the various beneficiaries rotated over time. But throughout one beneficiary remained constant.

Give Kids the World.

Through our collective involvement, each of us was transformed. But because of individual commitment, we were all transfigured. We all became beneficiaries.

For example, there was the time a young couple sat motionless over lunch. The inevitable had just occurred and both parents were inconsolable. A firm volunteer who knew the child and spent some time with the family previously sat with them. Reminded the parents of all the unique qualities their child shared with other children brightening the lives of everyone around her making everything better despite her own challenges. At that very moment, they were lunching on the child’s favorite meal. She was still there comforting those around her. The parents finally smiled.

There is also the colleague whose true self was revealed. She was initially thought to be extremely private, taciturn and probably an introvert, almost unapproachable. Always sat alone at lunch. After much pleading she finally agreed to participate in a workday where she met with some of the children and their parents. From that point onward, she became involved in all community outreach projects and even spearheaded a few of her own. I would say today she is one of our most popular teammates and even enjoys a better than modest following on social media when previously she had no account. Now she never lunches alone.

And then there was the family who made the cross country trek to visit the Village from the west coast as a final celebration of their child’s spiritual triumph over her physical struggle. Her chances of survival were suboptimal. But after her arrival, her condition steadily improved to all the experts’ surprise. She went on to graduate from college, law school and today is a practicing attorney with our firm and an integral, irreplaceable member of her litigation team.

Our experience is not unique. The stories are legion and miracles do happen. Before the Dick the Butchers among us have their way, we in the legal profession and insurance industry have final say. Ours is an inviolable duty as Give Kids the World reminds us.

We at Quintairos, Prieto, Wood and Boyer are very grateful for the many blessings Give Kids the World has bestowed and the great fortune it continues to confer. Give Kids the World has rallied Quintairos, Prieto, Wood & Boyer, P.A. to stand with Jack Cade.

To this Dick and Quintairos, Prieto, Wood and Boyer can stipulate!