Study Finds American Workers Less Engaged Compared to Other Countries

F.J. Thomas

Sarasota, FL ( – A new study from ADP Research Institute shows that American workers are less engaged than those in the United Emirates, India, and Singapore.

The global study surveyed a total of 19,000 workers worldwide. The study was aimed at measuring employee engagement as well as determining which work environments attracted and retained employees.

The study revealed that 84 percent of global workers are not engaged and are showing up instead of fully investing themselves in their work.

The U.S. ranked fourth according to the study, with a 17 percent engagement rate. The United Emirates had the highest engagement rate at 26 percent, followed by India at 22 percent, and Singapore at 20 percent. China ranked the lowest overall with only a 6 percent engagement rate, followed by the Netherlands at 10 percent, and Mexico at 13 percent.

The study showed that education, environment, and employment status played a role in engagement. Workers without a degree showed a 12 percent engagement rate while those with college degrees accounted for 19 percent. Employees that worked from home had a 29 percent engagement rate while office workers only reached 18 percent engagement. Gig workers were more engaged than full time workers at 21 percent.

Leadership also was shown to be a key factor in employee engagement. The study showed that employees that trust and identify with their leadership are 12 times more likely to be engaged at work. Also, teamwork is critical to engaging the workforce as those that feel they are a part of a team are 2 to 3 times as likely to become engaged.

According to a separate study by the Society for Human Resource Management, employee engagement is a critical element in workplace safety. Engaged employees are five times less likely to have a safety incident in the workplace.

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