Stripper Turns To Gofundme After Fall At Work

Liz Carey

Dallas, TX ( – A Texas stripper has turned to GoFundMe after incurring more than $20,000 in medical bills following a 15-foot fall from the pole on which she was dancing.

Genea Sky, a stripper at the XTC Cabaret in Dallas, was videoed falling off a two-story pole recently. The video went viral after it showed her fall, and then continue twerking afterwards.

Sky said in an Instagram post that the fall left her with a fractured jaw, sprained ankle and cracked teeth.

However, because Sky is considered an independent contractor, her injuries are not covered by workers’ compensation. Additionally, Eric Langan, CEO of RCI Hospitality Holdings which owns the club, told TMZ that Sky’s injuries would not be covered because the company didn’t tell her to climb so high on the pole.
Langan told TMZ that entertainers like Sky choose their own routines and that as a company, they have no control over the dancers’ routines. However, he did say he was looking into helping Sky financially.

Sky turned instead to the internet for help. On GoFundMe, she asked for donations to help her surgery expenses.

“Her job does not cover the expenses of her medical bills. Since she sustained such serious injuries, she will be out of work for an extended period of time. Any donations towards her surgeries would be helpful and appreciated!” the GoFundMe page said.

As of recently, Sky had raised nearly $40,000.

According to The Source Magazine, sources close to Sky said the incident has scarred the exotic dancer emotionally and she had decided to leave the industry.

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