Spotlight: ‘Secondary Payer’ Sessions at WCI

Michelle Allan of the Medicare Advocacy Recovery Coalition (MARC)

As federal policymakers continue to modernize and improve the Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) and Medicaid Third Party Liability (TPL) policy, attendees at the WCI Annual Conference will be treated to an impressive slate of sessions that examine key questions about the current state of these essential programs. From an interview with the federal government’s top regulator on MSP, to a panel discussion featuring industry expert insights on MSP “hot topics,” attendees should expect to leave Orlando with a newfound understanding of the issues of the day.

During the first session on secondary payer policy, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) MSP Operations Team Lead, Jacqueline Cipa, will sit down with David Farber of the Medicare Recovery Advocacy Coalition (MARC) to discuss common pitfalls of the Medicare Secondary Payer process and how to avoid them. This presentation, from a key government official with responsibility for oversight of the program, will address the MSP program generally and specifically examine the claims resolution process. This session will be critical for participants to understand CMS’ perspective about how the program is structured, how contractors work with the regulated community, and how claims professionals can efficiently resolve cases.

The second session will feature a panel concerning the newest developments and “hot topics” in the Medicare Secondary Payer law and policy arena. Panelists include speakers from industry leaders including Met-Life, Walt Disney World Resort, Franco Signor, and Gordon & Rees. These speakers will offer insight in changes in reporting, repayment, and CMS policies involving lien resolution, and how adjusters can navigate these tricky and uncharted pathways. These “hot topics” address the many nationally active court cases, such as the latest lawsuits file by MSP Recovery, as well as recent decisions and settlements such as the Ocean Harbor class action settlement. Finally, panelists will tie it all together by addressing the impact these changes will have on adjusting claims involving Medicare beneficiaries in the present and future.

Finally, a third session will focus on the Medicaid Third Party Liability (TPL) legal requirements and how they are an emerging factor in claims resolution. The panel will explore how the TPL laws operate, Medicaid allocation issues, recent legislative action to address the “Murray Ryan” issue, and more. The panel will feature leading experts from King & Spalding, Ogden Murphy Wallace, ExamWorks Clinical Solutions, Gallagher Basset Services, and Walt Disney Resort, who will specifically discuss the impact of TPL laws on their work. In addition, this presentation will address how the claims community has navigated the present issues, and how the community will adjust to the “new normal” of increased state recovery activity.

Attendees of these sessions will have the opportunity to be involved in a compelling series of discussions that are sure to provide greater insight on issues relating to MSP and TPL policy. In addition, this robust agenda will give attendees new knowledge on the latest developments in these programs, while also providing a forward-thinking perspective on future regulations and policy. As workers’ compensation professionals from across the country descend on Orlando for this landmark event, these high-quality sessions should not be missed.