WCI 2023 Sneak Peek: Return-to-Work Breakout

Return-to-Work programs are integral in mitigating the overall cost of claims. Studies consistently highlight the benefits of getting injured workers’ back to work as quickly as possible within their functional capacity. Employers and injured workers sometimes may need a reminder of the intrinsic value of returning to work, and the positive impact it has on the employer-employee relationship. Carriers and their return-to-work partners have the expertise, resources and tools to turn challenging situations into positive outcomes for both employers and injured workers. Join our panelists as they bring their experience and knowledge to the following Return-to-Work Breakout sessions:

  • Blending Technology with the Human Touch
  • Achieving Return to Work with Empathy – Practical Solutions
  • Return to Work Challenges and Solutions in Temporary Staffing

“The Return-To-Work Breakfast/Breakout is a lively track. This year we will speak on the newest technology and AI, and how the human touch is still essential for Return-to-Work. We’ll have an interactive hour on practical ways to implement empathy in your program, and we’ll conclude with a Kahoot game with our experts on Return-to-Work challenges and solutions in temporary staffing.” – Maxine Topper, Breakout Organizer

For more detailed information about this breakout or to view the full WCI 2023 Conference Program, click here.