WCI 2023 Sneak Peek: Medical Issues Breakout

The number of sessions in the Medical Issues Breakout has increased to correspond with the ever-growing impact medical treatment has on workers’ compensation systems. Medical costs in many states now exceed 60% of total workers’ compensation costs. Medical treatment continues to evolve as new technology, claim complexity, and comorbidities become more impactful. The mental health aspects of an injury are more frequently debated and possibly included as part of an injured worker’s treatment plan. Overcoming communication barriers among the individuals overseeing the care and treatment of injured workers can also result in better outcomes.

Medical Issues Breakout Sessions:

  • Improving Interdisciplinary Communication for Better Outcomes
  • The Impact of Comorbidities on Patients
  • Cumulative Trauma Claims
  • Emerging Trends in Medicine
  • Understanding Plasma Rich Platelet Injections and Their Efficacy
  • Mental Health Recovery During a Workers’ Compensation Claim

“We were able to grow the Medical Breakout session from three sessions in 2022 to six sessions in 2023!! The sessions are all dynamic in that they tackle anything from Interdisciplinary Communication with all parties to Emerging Trends in Medicine to Mental Recovery of an injured worker.” – Teddy Gonzalez and Michael Bunte, Breakout Organizers


For more detailed information about this breakout or to view the full WCI 2023 Conference Program, click here.