WCI 2023 Sneak Peek: Diversity and Talent Breakout

Attracting and cultivating a diverse workforce to produce exceptional results is at the forefront of the workers’ compensation industry. The Diversity and Talent Alliance (DATA) mission is “to develop a pipeline that creates and sustains a diverse workforce and inspires transformative change through partnership, education, and mentorship.” DATA, in conjunction with Florida State University, has developed a certification program for a group of diverse and accomplished students who have expressed an interest in the Risk Management/Workers’ Compensation Industry. DATA is also responsible for organizing the following sessions and the Prayer Breakfast:

  • The Five Generations in the Workforce
  • Have Diversity Fatigue and Cancel Culture Impacted Corporate DEI Initiatives?
  • Is the “D” in Disability included in your DEIB program?

DATA will also be having a membership interest meeting Monday, August 21st at 4:00 PM in Crystal Ballroom H. OUR Industry NEEDS YOU. This is a unique time in history and our actions and efforts can make a difference. Be a part of history and join DATA. Since our inception, we have been dedicated to introducing our industry to a diverse group of individuals that will provide sustainability, inclusion, and equity for the future.

Our signature program is the DATA Scholar Certificate Program, powered by Florida State University. Currently, 8 student cohorts are completing a 2023 DATA Scholar curriculum-based program Risk Management Introductory Concepts: Workers Compensation.

“DATA also provides innovative and provocative DEIB programming for the annual WCI Educational Conference in Orlando, Florida. Each year we strive to create sessions that address the interests or concerns regarding DEI topics or issues that are related to our industry. As we continue to develop programs and initiatives there are a number of ways for you to get involve such as mentoring opportunities, curriculum development, community outreach, fundraising, membership development, sponsorship. Join Us on Monday, August 21 to learn more.” – Sabrina Mitchell, Breakout Organizer


For more detailed information about this breakout or to view the full WCI 2023 Conference Program, click here.