WCI 2023 Sneak Peek: Adjuster Breakout

Adjuster education continues to be a focal point of the conference. The sessions for this year’s Adjuster Breakout focus on topics relevant to adjusters new to their roles and on those with more experience. With new talent infused across the workers’ compensation industry, fundamental claims adjusting skills are necessary to elevate performance. Seasoned adjusters can add to their library of tactical and strategic claims knowledge. Our claims adjusting experts will share their insight and experience on a wide-range of issues to expand and sharpen your skills with these following sessions:

Adjuster Breakout: Foundational Learning Sessions

  • Investigation: Who is afraid of the big, bad phone? – Learn why the initial investigation and establishing contact with all parties is so important and relevant to the overall outcome of a claim.
  • Claims Psychology – Understanding the psychology behind claims can positively influence certain areas such as reduction in lost-time and litigation expenses as well as increased satisfaction with the workers’ compensation process.
  • What to do next? – This session will focus on how to properly handle the administration of benefits throughout the stages of litigation, and provide tips on how to properly authorize providers, respond to one-time change requests and defend indemnity claims.
  • Ethics – The panel will discuss the importance of ethical behaviors in managing customer expectations from injured workers, employers, medical providers, to legal partners.
  • Time Management Tips – Adjusting claims is like a high-wire act, always balancing and prioritizing tasks and projects.  The session will introduce ways to communicate better and more effectively from an employer, insured, and TPA perspective.


Adjuster Breakout: Strategy and Tactics Sessions

  • Uncivil Behavior – Can They Really Do That? – Professionalism is declining and obstructive tactics are increasing. The panel will address the challenges of claim handling in this increasingly contentious environment.
  • Navigating the Remote Work Environment: Contending with the Unique Challenges Posed and Strategies for Success – The panel will review some of the pitfalls and challenges faced in training and management of new professionals and the claims administration process. The impact of this new work environment on the Employer/Carrier relationship will be discussed. Finally, the panel will review some of the inherent challenges that exist in contending with the loss of team aspect that can sometimes arise in a remote work setting.
  • Mission Possible:  Resolving uncloseable claims – This session will provide an innovative approach to the settlement process of difficult claims, highlighting the strategies used to achieve those results.
  • How to Evaluate and Effectuate Settlements? – Through both employer and claims management perspectives, suggestions will be shared as to identifying and creating unconventional windows of opportunity to initiate and complete the settlement negotiation process from a position of strength.

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