Wrong Diagnosis – and its Evil Twin – Iatrogenesis

2:15 – 3:15 pm

Grand Ballroom 8A
Convention Level



Physicians are advised: “first, do no harm.” But let’s be frank, care providers make incorrect diagnoses, and not just once in a blue moon. The Mayo Clinic found up to 26% of medical diagnosis by primary care providers were wrong! Such “barking up the wrong tree” sabotages worker recoveries while burdening the WC system in all possible ways.

Iatrogenesis refers to harm resulting from actions of health care providers, starting with inducing patients to believe something untrue about them- selves early on: that they may suffer from serious or disabling conditions when they do not. This “elephant in the room,” too long ignored in polite circles, is a prolific cost driver – and more importantly – often results in harm including, in these overly medicated times – death. Without accurate diagnoses, neither appropriate treatment nor positive outcomes can be achieved. Education may be part of the solution, but it has also been shown most doctors spend less than 5 hours a month reading medical journals. With authentic, organic intelligence demonstrably lacking, is artificial intelligence guiding physician assessments a solution, or telemedicine?

Join our world-class experts in a provocative discussion of these underdiscussed issues and what you/we can do about them, starting with informed challenges to initial diagnoses, while avoiding the peril of seeming to steer physicians/treatment toward claims directed preferences.

Moderator and Speaker:
Christopher R. Brigham, MD
Brigham and Associates
Sr. Contributing Editor for the AMA Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment
Hilton Head, SC

Michael M. Best, MD
Clinical Decision Solutions
Louisville, KY


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