When You Least Expect It: Mediation on Appeal (Breakout Session 6A)

3:30 – 4:30 pm

Grand Ballroom 8A
Convention Level


After trial, the parties’ positions have hardened; one confident in the vic- tory, the other unhappy with the loss. An appeal may be possible but is it necessary? The panel will address the time, expense, and requirements for filing an appeal; the risks and realities for each side in the appeal process; and the opportunity to mediate a post-trial resolution to eliminate the risks, costs, and consequences of a litigated appeal. The panel will also discuss important outcomes of cases that were appealed and mediated, and share some little known facts about appellate mediation.

Celia Mendez
Attorney and Mediator
Moreland & Mendez, PA
Maitland, FL

H. George Kagan
H. George Kagan, PA
Gulf Stream, FL

Robin Caral Shaw
Attorney and Mediator
Law Office of Robin Caral Shaw, PA
Boca Raton, FL


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