What Do Injured Workers Really “Think” About Workers’ Compensation?

10:00 – 11:00 am

Grand Ballroom 7A
Convention Level

The Workers’ Compensation Research Institute (WCRI) conducted interviews with injured workers over the past four years to help understand how they navigate the systems in the states where they work. The studies published by WCRI help risk managers understand what issues might influence the claim development as well as the claim outcomes. The research provides valuable insights that risk managers may consider as they develop a program focused on improving claim development, while also better understanding the workers’ experiences while they were navigating the workers’ compensation system. What factors influence an injured workers’ access to medical care? And, if they don’t return to work, what are some of reasons why if the injury was not the main reason? The research indicates “trust in the workplace” can have an impact on the outcome of a claim.

How can a risk manager use this information to improve their claims management program? Michele Adams, Vice President of Risk Management for Walt Disney World, will discuss how risk managers can apply this analysis to their organization and gain insights into areas of opportunity, as well as some of the initiatives employers can take to enhance the likelihood of getting their employees back to work.

Michele Adams
Vice President of Risk Management Walt Disney World Resorts Orlando, FL

Laure Lamy
Regional Director
Workers’ Compensation Research Institute
Cambridge, MA


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