Unhelpful Support

3:00 – 4:00 pm

Grand Ballrooms 13 & 14
Convention Level

In this final hour of the Workplace Health Track, our expert panelists will discuss interpersonal relationship stress in the workplace. Led by PhD level research, the panelists will examine the various factors that contribute to the phenomenon known as “Unhelpful Support.” The panel will evaluate models of organizational design that create, and alleviate workplace stress. During the presentation, we will apply findings and the principles of “unhelpful support” to the relationship between a claims supervisor and a resolution manager. We will apply the leading research to describe and diagnose common instances of “unhelpful support” in the workers’ compensation claims environment.

Greg McKenna
SVP Communications
Gallagher Bassett Services, Inc.
Rolling Meadows, IL

Cheryl Gray, MA
Researcher and Doctoral Candidate
University of South Florida
Tampa, FL

Shani Wright
Claims Supervisor
Gallagher Bassett Claims Services, Inc
Maitland, FL


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