Total Worker Health, What is it? How Do I Implement it? What do I get for it?

3:00 – 4:00 pm

Crystal Ballrooms A & B
Convention Level

Total Worker Health (TWH) is an innovative approach that addresses employee health both in and out of the workplace. As the name implies, this approach is designed to look at an employee’s health from a strategic lifestyle standpoint as opposed to just how workplace exposures might impact the employee. With the rising cost of medical treatment of any kind and a trend toward obesity in America, this approach is a holistic view of how the employer views the health of its employees. Many employee medical problems and lifestyle problems spill over into the workplace. This approach is not designed to be invasive of an individual’s private life, but instead to enhance the health of employees both on and off the job by providing health choices from both a mental and physical standpoint. This presentation will explore what TWH means and how an organization can go through implementing a TWH program.

Zack Mansdorf, PhD, QEP, CSP, CIH
Consultant in EHS and Sustainability
Boca Raton, FL


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