The Future of Risk Management

11:00 – 12:00 pm

Grand Ballroom 7A
Convention Level

Whether it’s black swans, emerging risks, artificial intelligence, the global economy, demographic shifts, or any number of other issues, the future of risk management is evolving and regularly being reassessed and forecasted. The truth is that on a fundamental level, the risk profile of organizations is significantly being impacted by the digitization of risks and exposures. In effect, every exposure is evolving to be subject to the impact of technology that seems to be transforming them into bits and bytes, raising the bar on risk leaders to up their game by adopting new skills, a long-term strategic mindset, and elevating their influence to graft risk management into both organizational culture and decision-making. This session will explore these and other issues that either are or will impact the risk discipline and set the stage for what will be expected of risk leaders of the future, beginning now.

Chris Mandel
Senior Vice President, Strategic Solutions Director Sedgwick Institute
Sedgwick CMS
Nashville, TN

Soubhagya Parija
Chief Risk Officer
NY Power
Cortlandt Manor, NY

Brad Waldron
Vice President, Risk Management
Caesar’s Entertainment
Las Vegas, NV

Guy Fraker
Chief Innovation Officer
ITL Advisory
Summerland Key, FL


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