State Panel Discussions with Regulators and Attorneys

9:00 – 12:00 pm

Grand Ballroom 7A and 1 – 6
Convention Level

WCDI firms will be divided into two breakouts. Attendees are welcome to attend either session and should feel free to move between rooms.

Room #1 – Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Texas Grand Ballroom 7A

Room #2 – California, Illinois, Indiana, New York, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee
Grand Ballrooms 1, 2, 3 & 4

Topics to be covered in each breakout include:
• Definition of “employee”
• Evidentiary issues regarding WC claims
• Heart attacks and other cardio-pulmonary conditions
• Death benefits: Who gets them and when
• On-the-job fights/horseplay

Discussion of Scene 1: Each state will discuss compensability based on the issues in the crime scene video.

Scene 2: CSI Orlando Forensics Laboratory (24 hours later)
Discussion of Scene 2: Each state will discuss compensability based on the issues in this video.

Scene 3: Obligatory Investigation of the Spouse
Discussion of Scene 3: Each state will discuss compensability based on the issues in this video.

State Firms and Presenters Include:

Alabama – Miller, Christie & Kinney, PC
Stephen Christie and Kyle Kinney

California – Manning & Kass, LLP
Erwin Nepomuceno and Emily Edwards

Florida – McConnaughhay, Coonrod, Pope, Weaver & Stern, PA
Christopher G. McCue

Georgia – Swift, Currie, McGhee & Hiers, LLP
Crystal McElrath and Rusty Watts

McConnaughhay, Coonrod, Pope, Weaver & Stern, PA
Caitlin Beyl and Hanna Williams

Illinois – Downey & Lenkov LLC
Rich Lenkov and Tim Furman

Indiana – Downey & Lenkov LLC
Kirsten Kaiser

Louisiana – Juge, Napolitano, Guilbeau, Ruli & Frieman
Jeffrey Napolitano, Matthew Putfark, Keith Pittman and Thomas Ruli

Mississippi – Anderson Crawley & Burke, PLLC
James Anderson, Daniel Baker and Daniel Culpepper

New York – Manning & Kass, LLP
Marguerite Jonak

North Carolina – Cranfill Sumner LLP
Jennifer Morris Jones, David Rhoades, Jerri Simmons and Matthew Covington

Oklahoma – Latham Steele Lehman PC
Leah Keele and Travis Colt

South Carolina – Holder Padgett Littlejohn & Prickett, LLC
Regan Ankney Cobb, David Padgett and Matt Schonfeld

Tennessee – Manier & Herod PC
David Deming, James Tucker, Jr., John Barringer, Heather Hardt Douglas, Sarah Reisner, Michael Haynie. and Laurenn Disspayne

Texas – Flahive, Ogden & Latson
Kevin Poteete and Steve Tipton


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