Psychological Major Contributing Cause: How to Handle from an Adjuster and Nurse Case Manager Perspective

10:15 – 11:15 am

Crystal Ballroom C
Convention Level
(Entrance to G2)

This session will discuss the differences between psychology and neuropsychology, as well as explaining the various types of psychometric testing. The panel will analyze how these specialties and tools are used within the workers’ compensation system when mental health issues arise as part of a claim. This course will help the workers’ compensation professional understand the diverse field of mental health and how treatment plans are delineated. We will also help the claims professional to recognize how these results help the physiatrist to determine major contributing cause and resolve mental issues as it relates to the claim.

Teddy Gonzalez, CMDS, QRP, FMG
Counter/Vice-President/Chief Clinical Case Manager
Field Case Managers, Inc.
Miami, FL

Jessica Rivera, PsyD
St. Catherine’s Rehabilitation Hospital & Villa Maria
Miami, FL

Miranda Kofeldt, PhD
Vice-President of Clinical Services
St. Petersburg, FL


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