Painting by Numbers: Offers and Demands: Where Did You Come Up With That? (Breakout Session 5A)

2:20 – 3:20 pm

Grand Ballroom 8A
Convention Level


Believe it or not, one of the hardest things for a party in mediation to do is to come up with an effective presentation of demands and offers. A strategy is needed in presenting numbers, whether the initial demand or the final offer. Numbers are the “tea leaves” that allow the parties to read where a mediation may go and provide a road map to the final result. A panel with various backgrounds and perspectives will discuss strategies and the important role of numbers to get where the parties need to go to get a case resolved.

John Brooks
Attorney and Mediator
Office of the Judges of Compensation Claims
Daytona Beach, FL

Jon Benezette
Law Office of Jon E. Benezette
Daytona Beach, FL

Timothy A. Dunbrack
Kelley Kronenberg Attorneys at Law
Orlando, FL

Honorable Rita Young
Office of the Judges of Compensation Claims
Tampa, FL


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