OSHA Employer Rights/ Regulatory Update

11:00 – 12:00 pm

Magnolia Ballrooms 10 & 11
Convention Level

This session will give participants critical information for developing strategies to handle OSHA inspections. Many safety, HR and workers’ comp professionals know the basic components of an OSHA inspection, as well as common steps to take when OSHA knocks on the door. After an inspection is underway though, and the compliance officer starts requesting documents, wishing to speak with managers, asking to see certain areas of a facility, interview workers, etc., these professionals often become uncertain of their rights. Unfortunately, this uncertainty can lead to employers waiving certain rights. This session will explore, in detail, employer rights during and after an OSHA inspection so that participants can professionally and confidently protect their organizations through OSHA inspection planning, and their responses in the heat of the inspection.

Barry Spurlock, CSP
Eastern Kentucky University
Richmond, KY


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