Optimizing Settlement Outcomes by Measuring and Managing MSA Costs

9:00 – 10:00 am

Crystal Ballroom G1
Convention Level



In the words of the famed management consultant, Peter Drucker, “you can’t manage what you don’t measure.” Do you know how many of your MSAs contain prescription drugs, the most commonly cited reason for high MSA costs? How many contain opioids? What is your average CMS approved MSA amount? What are your trend lines year over year for your MSA program? You and your MSA partner can only manage (improve) what you are measuring. This panel will explore metrics that are critical in determining your MSA program success. National standards will be reviewed against metrics from a large employer and a nationwide provider of MSA services. You will come away with the metrics to measure your MSA program.

Measuring is only half of the equation though. The panel will also describe how MSA costs are managed through appropriate claims handling and clinical interventions as well as an MSA drafting and submission process with a high level of quality assurance. Through best practices and case studies, attendees will take away a new understanding of how to improve their MSA programs.

Michael Stack
Kennebunkport, ME

Kris Sallee
Claims Manager-Eastern Region
American Airlines
Fort Worth, TX

Daniel Anders
Chief Compliance Officer
Tower MSA Partners
Del Ray Beach, FL


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