NWCR’s Exclusive Faith Based Ethics Presentation: Biblical and Religious Perspectives For 2019; What Unites Us Makes Us Stronger: Shared Religious Values Improve Outcomes And Lives – Of Injured Workers – And Claims Workers!

4:00 – 5:00 pm

Grand Ballroom 8A
Convention Level

What started a few short years ago as a gleam in the eye of — and “What if…” conversation among members of the Faith Based Claims Association has, especially in the last year, become a national movement. Tied to the increasingly popular prayer breakfast encouraged by WCI General Chair Jim McConnaughhay, this past year saw the early possibilities germinate tangible ideas and programs, including similar events at other national conferences, and a brainstorming session at the WorkCompCentral CompLaude Awards Gala ® regarding ideas which will lead to the creation of resources for injured workers, including call centers affording “right now” spiritual counseling for injured workers AND claims folk in particularly trying moments.

It started here; with our Faith Based Claims presentation which this year addresses the division in our great country coupled with urgent reminders of the things we can all agree on – shared values, goals and mandates of the great faiths and belief systems: Christianity, the most widely practiced religion in the US, followed by Judaism, Islam, the Dharmic religions of Buddhism; Hinduism — and there is room at the table for all.

But this is a CLAIMS based-faith based panel, and together our worthy panelists bring notable “claims encounters of the inspiring kind” to the fore for benefit of all.

Sabrina Taylor-Mitchell, CWC, CWCL
Claims Manager-Southern Region
PMA Companies
Janesville, WI

Kristin Chavez
Camarillo, CA

William E. Pipkin, Jr.
Austill, Lewis, Pipkin & Maddox
Mobile, AL


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