New Safety Metrics – How ANSI Z16 Will Change your Role in an Organization

8:00 – 9:00 am

Crystal Ballrooms K & L
Convention Level

For years the safety profession has used a narrow set of metrics that were based primarily on employee injuries to determine the effectiveness of safety programs. These metrics are oftentimes misleading and confusing in that they are a macro statistic that is expressed in an abstract rate. As the field of safety becomes more professional, there is a need for metrics that will more closely align with other numbers in organizations to demonstrate success or failure. This presentation will demonstrate the work that is going on with a new ANSI Standard Z16 that will attempt to address enhanced metrics that cover more than the traditional “body count” metrics. Emphasis will be placed on how leading indicators can be used to measure the safety activities of line management and act as a predictor of the effectiveness of a safety program.

Gary Lopez, CSP, MS
Gallagher Risk Management Services
Weston, FL


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