Measurement Outcomes In Risk Management

2:15 – 3:15 pm

Grand Ballroom 7A
Convention Level

It’s been said, “What gets measured gets done.” Whether it is quantitative or qualitative measurement, collecting data and understanding outcomes is critical to a successful and effective risk management program. Not only do meaningful measurements provide invaluable insights, the data can be used to effectively direct time and resources. However, with the availability of a near endless supply of data points, how do risk managers weed through the noise and direct analysis to be effective, manageable, and useful? This course seeks to provide three diverse perspectives in risk management outcomes. Whether it’s observational data, the use of machine learning, or evaluating statistical trends, find out how data analysis can help your risk management program “get things done.”

Michele Adams
Vice President of Risk Management Services
Walt Disney World Resorts
Orlando, FL

Tara Acton, CPCU, ACI, AID
Director of Claims & Counsel
Denver, CO

Susan Emerson
General Manager for Workers’ Compensation Disability and Leave Programs
Delta Airlines, Inc
Atlanta, GA


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