Legacy Cases: Identification, Prevention and Resolution

3:15 – 4:15 pm

Grand Ballrooms 13 & 14
Convention Level

Every carrier has them. A legacy case is an unresolved claim that becomes a burden to all parties involved since the claim never resolves or moves forward. Basically, no one is succeeding. The injured worker is stuck in limbo receiving numerous treatments month after month with no improvement and no end in sight. The treating providers hear the same complaints over and over with no reports of improvement. And, the carrier continues to pay huge sums of money year after year with nothing to show for it. What can be done to turn things around? Come listen to this panel made up of a team of interdisciplinary medical professionals and a representative of the airline industry to hear the approach they have used to successfully resolve legacy cases. You will hear how their unique approach resulted in a win for the carrier, a win for the medical treatment team, and most importantly, a win for the injured worker.

Russell Addeo, PhD, ABPP-CN
Director, Behavioral Medicine
Brooks Rehabilitation
Jacksonville, FL

Arwen Arnold
Workers’ Compensation Program Manager
Republic Airways
Indianapolis, IN

Josh Schuette, DPT, MBA
Executive Director of National Workers’ Compensation Sales & Account Management
Brooks Rehabilitation
Jacksonville, FL

Howard Weiss, DO
Medical Director of the Orthopeadic/ Trauma Program and Amputee Program
Brooks Rehabilitation
Jacksonville, FL


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