Interests Of Injured Workers vs. Everything Else – Worker as The Primary Focus

11:00 – 12:00 pm

Grand Ballroom 8A
Convention Level

This panel of professionals will deal with:

  • Incentivizing positive claims outcomes while “rooting out” practices that, through the law of unintended consequences, prolong claims and incentivize poor outcomes — usually via false economies in the guise of “aggressive defense.”
  • Addressing how ingrained incentives of injured workers’ counsel can be at cross purposes with those of claims handlers, and how best to reconcile the two.
  • The short-term gain spoiled by long-term perils: high case/claim volume loads among adjusters.
  • Greater emphasis needed on comprehensive health/wellness pro- grams.
  • Realistic grappling with comorbidities and pre-existing conditions.
  • Programs for effective communications with the injured worker helping in many cases obviate need for legal representation.

James Anderson
Anderson Crawley & Burke
Jackson, MS

Caty Culver
Global Claims Analyst\Legal Risk Management Team
Whole Foods
Austin, TX

Tara Acton, Attorney
Claims Manager & Corporate Counsel CenturyLink
Denver, CO

Chris Marston
Midwest Claims Manager
Reyes Holdings LLC
Rosemont, IL


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