Insurance Risk Management – Minimizing Your Exposure to Risk

1:10 – 3:10 pm

Crystal Ballroom H
Convention Level

This session will provide information to all attendees on risk management techniques through insuring or other risk transfer techniques to assist those conducting special events of all kinds. What are the risks? Develop a plan and execute that plan to minimize your exposure. This class will provide lessons learned from tragic, yet avoidable incidents and hazards, all in an effort to limit exposure. This presentation is designed for employers that sponsor special events such as company picnics, awards ceremonies, seminars, employee/customer special trips, and other similar activities. The potential liabilities with particular emphasis on workers’ compensation issues unknowingly assumed, and how to protect against such liabilities by effective insurance protection, will be the focus of this presentation.

Brian Avery
Managing Member
Event Safety & Security Services
Gainesville, FL


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