Improve Your Decision-Making Skills in Workers’ Compensation Claims Management

1:00 – 2:00 pm

Grand Ballroom 8B
Convention Level
(Entrance through corridor between Grand Ballrooms 7 & 8)

In workers’ compensation, the majority of cases – maybe even a vast majority – are without complexity. The employee is injured, receives a small amount of medical care and either draws no indemnity before they return to work or a small amount. Either way, the workers’ compensation injury and claim are resolved quickly. However, there are a small number of claims that are complicated medically or legally. These claims often draw the vast majority of resources. How can the workers’ compensation industry improve claims management decisions and enhance medical management for the complicated cases? In this session, you will learn how industry stakeholders can augment their critical thinking and decision-making skills using the application of clinical intelligence, big data and “machine learn- ing” so that all claims are effectively managed, no matter the complexity.

Doug Dickerson
Senior Vice President of Data Science and Analytics
Bardavon Health Innovations
Overland Park, KS

Lesley Zielinski, CPCP, AIC
Vice President of Insurance and Risk
Kelly Services
Troy, MI

Robert Townsend, MS, CSCS, CEAS
Senior Clinical Consultant
Bardavon Health Innovations
Overland Park, KS


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