Focusing on Data Patterns, Emerging Trends, and Specialty Research to Mirror Future Impact

3:15 – 4:15 pm

Crystal Ballroom J1
Convention Level

Well-known industry specialists will share highlights from their in-depth analyses and research related to areas having a notable impact on workers’ compensation. Hear one of the industry’s leading researchers share new insights around provider consolidation and its projected impact on injured worker care and costs. Listen to a highly acclaimed chief data officer as he shares patterns detected in data and what these can indicate about future litigation using attorney firm scorecards. And take note of trends emerging from California research that relate to access to care and what they may mean for workers and businesses across the rest of the country. Data patterns, emerging trends, and specialty research of this magnitude are as close as it gets to mirroring future happenings.

Adam Fisher
Chief Data Officer
New York, NY

John W. Ruser
President and CEO
The Workers’ Compensation Research Institute
Cambridge, MA

Alex Swedlow
California Workers’ Compensation Institute
Oakland, CA


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