Disciplinary/Industry Trends: Federal Update to Include Medicare

10:00 – 11:00 am

Palms Ballroom – Royal
Convention Level

Making ethical decisions in any workers’ compensation situation is par- amount to how an adjuster does his or her job every day. Think you are just one of thousands of adjusters and won’t get caught if you are not acting in good faith? Think again! Learn about the most recent disciplinary decisions and enforcement actions, especially how they may affect you or your company. Learn the proper terminology and how to apply it every day. Also examined are unauthorized products and entities involved in commerce. Lastly, we will provide an update on pertinent federal law including Medicare.

Mike Bunte, CWC
Claims Team Manager
Liberty Mutual Insurance/Helmsman Management Services
Tampa, FL

Kathy Kelly
Team Manager
Lake Mary, FL

Michael J. Grimaldi
Claim Professional/Workers’ Compensation
Orlando, FL


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