CSI: Case Law Evaluation and Update

2:15 – 4:15 pm

Palms Ballroom – Royal
Convention Level

This panel of experts will review the most relevant and controversial cases recently adjudicated and will put a “CSI” twist on the case evaluation (i.e. performing a case autopsy). The focus of attention will be on what could have prevented litigation at the claim onset and/or been vetted earlier or differently as to the facts and law, in a fashion that will keep the audience from tripping over the same obstacles on their pending/future claims.

Thomas H. McDonald
Law Offices of Jack D. Evans
Orlando, FL

Michael Laseter
Claims Team Manager
Helmsman Management Services
Tampa, FL

Hector A. Cano, AIC, CWC, CWCL, PCA
Team Manager
Tampa, FL

Kathy Fortier, AIC, ARM
Director of Compliance
Next Level Administrators, LLC
Bradenton, FL

Malenis Aponte-Davila, CCA, CWC
Workers’ Compensation Corporate Claim Specialist
PMA Group
Tampa, FL


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