Combined Tracts Topic III Life of the Claim (OALJ)

3:40 – 4:40 pm

Grand Ballrooms 11 & 12
Convention Level

This breakout will continue the discussion of the administration and litigation of claims following referral to the OALJ. Speakers will provide insight into the unique issues encountered by claimant and defense counsel, including discovery practices and narrowing of issues and defenses for formal hearing. With insight from the OALJ, speakers will address a variety of issues from the issuance of hearing orders up through attendance at hearings and the adjudication of claims.

Associate Chief Judge Paul Almanza
U.S. Department of Labor
Washington, DC

Judge Richard Clark
U.S. Department of Labor
San Francisco, CA

Arthur J. Brewster
Arthur J. Brewster, Attorney & Counselor at Law
Metairie, LA

John Schouest
Schouest, Bamdas, Soshea & Ben Maier, PLLC
Houston, TX


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