Catastrophic Injuries in the Construction Industry

3:15 – 4:15 pm

Grand Ballroom 8B
Convention Level
(Entrance through corridor between Grand Ballrooms 7 & 8)

While catastrophic injuries do occur in all industries, the construction industry, by its very nature, provides the greatest risk for the occurrence of such. These accidents and injuries require a thorough understanding of initial compensability decisions, ways to mitigate exposure and facilitate settlement, and an understanding of various aspects of any state’s workers’ compensation law. Since the construction industry is seeing growth in nearly every sector, the likelihood of an increase in construction-related work accidents occurring is very high, and, along with it, the occurrence of catastrophic injuries. These factors necessitate a firm understanding of the uniqueness of catastrophic injuries especially in the construction industry.

Joshua T. Higgins, Attorney
Kelley Kronenberg
Fort Lauderdale, FL

Brian Trusky, CSP, CHST
Vice President of Loss Prevention
Coastal Construction Company
Miami, FL

Amy Seigel Oran, Attorney
Kelley Kronenberg
West Palm Beach, FL


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