Better Understanding of Pain Affords New Objective Approaches to Treatment

2:50 – 3:50 pm

Grand Ballroom 8A
Convention Level

Pain presents a global health crisis. Its impact is greatly magnified in the workers’ compensation setting — via prolonged treatment, increased dis- ability, and diminished quality of life — which clearly need not be present to the extent presently seen. While a small percentage of claims account for a disproportionate amount of time, effort and system expense, a great percentage of these center on chronic pain syndrome, about which much has been written lately, but… .

Our advanced specialist panelists tackle the “but.” Chronic pain is difficult to diagnose and quantify because of its fundamentally subjective essence: no medical test is definitive and overlapping physical and psychological factors make even the approach to treatment difficult. However, a pattern is emerging, and it is compelling in its indications for prompt, comprehensive treatment via an interdisciplinary approach. In a nutshell: well targeted, therapeutic exercise coupled with carefully informed return-to-work approaches are optimal for providing superior outcomes. Conversely, opioids are rarely appropriate for treatment of chronic pain.

Our panelists distill the latest and best science on how to address chronic pain more effectively, and present it to you in a practical, easily implementable array of steps which include enlightened psychological treatment and medication weaning protocols. Our renowned experts provide welcome clarity — and practical tips — for effectively confronting this still widely misunderstood but crucial area of care and claims handling.

Dr. Steven Feinberg
Feinberg Medical Group
Palo Alto, CA

Dr. Teresa Bartlett
Managing Director, Senior Medical Officer
Troy, MI


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